Dating rickenbacker 360, finding the date of your rickenbacker guitar or bass

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Dating rickenbacker 360

Please check the fields highlighted in red. Model two pickups, vibrato. But the wear is much less noticable because of the dark rosewood. You have to understand that bakelite is a very hard and abrasive to machine material, requiring tool to be re-sharpened very, very often.

Dating rickenbacker guitars

Subtly updated through the years, this Deluxe hollow body with its special contour around the entire body perimeter, is still perhaps the most comfortable guitar of all. Dateable by serial number. He seems to have had access to the Rickenbacker archive. Hollowbody and semi-hollow guitars made from till October begin with a two or three-digit prefix that indicates number of pickups and other features. Contact the Vintage Guitar Info Guy.

Things get even easier after when Rickenbacker simply started using the last two digits of the year to show when each instrument was made in place of the previous code. As with other models, the first number after the letter in the serial indicates the last digit of the year. The first letter is the year and the second is the month. So if the bridge has no more downward room, the Rick is essentially trash the cost of a neck set is often more than the value of the guitar.

1954 - 1960 Serial Numbers

Finding the Date of Your Rickenbacker Guitar or Bass

Rickenbacker serial numbers are the easiest way to find the year for a particular instrument. Starting second genreation, see below both controls on the treble side. You may see serial numbers that lack the first number before the letter, but typically the first number after the letter still reveals the year. Standard output is monaural through a single jack plate.

  1. But that's all just guesses.
  2. So the usefulness of a combed twelve-string-made-six-string was limited at best, and certainly looked strange.
  3. All this information shall help me help you better.
  4. Maybe this is a good time to bring them up.
  5. There have also been some brownish bakelite models made for a third party company.

The guitar is solid black bakelite that sunbursts to a grey color in the center. This would be the earliest possible date of the instrument. For example, matchmaking rings badhoevedorp V would indicate a year of production.

Each model has its own series. The first letter indicates the type of instrument such as B for bass, C for combo a style of Rick guitar or M for mandolin. No cheap or easy task the cost of the repair could be more than the cost of the guitar!

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Rickenbacker vs

Can have silver or gold plated hardware plates. Some instruments do have patent numbers on various parts, which provide some clues since the instrument will have been made after the date of the patent issue. Some idiot ruined this vintage lap steel by stucking a strap button on it.

Rickenbacker Guitar Serial Dating - Guitar Nucleus

Tom Brumley tried ever way in the world to trade his for mine. The former owner claims the guitar was manufactured in but there are no obvious numbers on the instrument to confirm this. The plug is on the players side. Therefore their values are pretty low.

  • For the most part, solidbody Rickenbacker guitars are pretty low on the social guitar ladder.
  • Still in production today.
  • My problem is trying to figure out the Rickenbacher bakelite facts from the fiction.
  • You'll know when you play the right one!
  • Rickenbacker painted their rosewood fingerboards with clear lacquer much like Fender did to their maple fingerboards.

Rickenbacher, but his partner, Mr. If you look at the jackplate, you'll see two letters above the input jack. In this era, the serial number can either be found on the jackplate the plate surrounding the input jack or on the bridge of the instrument.

All have full depth body and full scale. There are a couple of things I have been wondering about it. The knobs look like old Philco radio knobs. If you can take pictures of your guitar s please e-mail them to me together with serial number info. How are the edges of your instrument?

Combo introduced - same as Combo but no vibrato. The ball ends of the strings are mounted in slots right in the bakelite at the rear end of the guitar. Both of the models shown are sporting Hi-Gain pickups. However, I do not guarantee the information below don't you come sue me!

Trim and Fingerboard Inlays. Frets are not out lined by recessed white lines. Yes the trade show had his guitar, before John bought it.

Some dating can be done by patent numbers printed on the guitar. Dating a Rickenbacker produced between and is comparatively easy. Pictures, history for Rickenbacker vintage guitars.

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Two single coil pickups on a full size body are accented by a traditionally shaped sound hole. Probably because this idea was not very good for the player. If you are handy you may unwind them yourself.

Rickenbacher Dating - The Steel Guitar Forum

Individual tuners or mounted on a plate? Rickenbacker was the first company to successfully market electric guitars. Evenly rounded or slightly beveled? Stereo output is standard. They will sound very, very similar.

The lacquered fretboard throws a lot of people off, as do the relatively narrow necks. Gross of Glenview, Illinois. Real production is greater than these numbers indicate. Take a look at the info below on how to identify the year of a Rickenbacker from various periods of the company's history.

Not the knobs that probably came with the guitat I don't imagine. There are patent numbers on both sides of the magnets but I would assume that these would not include the serial number. Some examples have C configuration. So, don't be blended by a shiny set of plated body cover plates.

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There were some runs of instruments, however, that deviated from this scheme. Rickenbacker Serial Location. Another point to consider is what tone you are after.

The Earliest Rickenbackers

Oops, looks like you forgot something. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Because of this, apollo and they can wear much like a Fender fingerboard.

Need to find the date your Rickenbacker was made? While the earliest Rickenbacker instruments are virtually impossible to date via serial number, finding the year of a newer Rickenbacker takes just seconds. While I think that the new pick-up it's still a very decent sounding one, I agree, it's not the real deal. No, create an account now.

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